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Many of you have enjoyed my article Metamorphosis; Something deep in life is changing. That was the transcript from Dar Pans beautiful transmission. Here is another beautiful co-creation and transmission from Temple Step and Darpan. I have been using this Invocation as a regular meditation and the two dance tracks have been a vital contribution to my movement practices.

You have the full transcription below, the audio and link to creators websites if you want to explore further. Some will feel this is far out and too optimistic but I like to remind myself always, that we live in a…

Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

SELF LOVE NOW excerpt from author Calu Lema

Love makes our soul work sustainable; it allows us to fill up our bowls to be able to continue giving to ourselves, others and the planet.

Love is a practice: a daily undoing of conditioning, a moment by moment chance to rewrite our internal script and a repeated opportunity to gently hold our vulnerable self. It’s an ongoing commitment to strengthen the relationship with ourselves — our longest love affair.

My own heart once shared with me the following story:

“After spending eternity in the river of life we are born onto…

Is The Violence That I See Really Out There? Or Do I Put It There? As I look into the world, I don’t see people being violent, what I see is love asking to be seen, the truth asking to be seen.

“When I look at my own, what might be called violent tendencies, that expression of violence can only happen if I am being violent to myself. What shows up on the outside only shows the inside. If I am unkind or violent to another human being, it’s never about the other human being, its never personal. Its what’s…

‘On The Edge Of Harmony’ HeArtist Cameron Gray

SELF LOVE NOW excerpt from author; Oliver Lennard

Constant Self Love creates a flawless dynamic of high vibration interactions, with ourselves and others. Self Love brings health, confidence, trust, a clear mind, happiness and a lot of other beautiful adjectives. For when Self Love is a priority, there is no space for resentment, grief, intoxication, anxiety, unworthiness or fears. These feelings will be here and cross our mind, yes, but Self Love will make them pass and fade away.

If we deeply think about it, every action we do and every word we say is the byproduct of our Self…

I am not sure I have had as much energy moving through me in one conversation as this one.

“The radical transformation of consciousness: this is the wild card in the deck. These conditions constitute precisely the right environment needed for radical transformation. Human consciousness is notoriously asleep when things are comfortable, predictable, and certain. Ancient initiation rites always involved facing the unknown and the very real possibility of annihilation.” ~ Dar Pan

We are moving through huge collective deaths at present. Stay present listen to your intuition as your eyes open. Many more challenges are going to arise as…

Louis Dyer Visionary Artist

SELF LOVE NOW excerpt from author; Rasheed Ogunlaru

For Self Love to blossom into universal love one must stay grounded in the rich soil of awareness, empathy and understanding. The understanding I speak of is not an understanding of the concepts, ideas, beliefs, views or stories of the mind, but of the mind itself. It is a simple understanding that the mind simply accrues and then constantly churns and chews on these things.

Self Love is just a portal to universal love. It is the first — but most significant stop — on the journey. …

Enjoy this LIVE community conversation and Q&A with Charles.

Excerpt: “ We can be part of a creative process that is far greater than ourselves and when we bow into service to that process, then miracles start happening around us. Including the miracle necessary for this world to heal.

We are too far gone for any practical healing plan to work, we are not at that stage right now, we are at the stage where we need miracles. I am very specific what I mean by a miracle, It is something that is impossible from an old story but very possible from a new one and therefore when we…

Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

SELF LOVE NOW excerpt from author Yasmin De Giorgio

The terms self and love are somewhat contradictory because love is the only force that without fail will cause the self to cease to exist.

Love is such a transcendental force that it literally breaks through the boundaries of the self and carries us into connection with all that lies beyond the self. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Of course, giving that love to our own selves first is the prerequisite.

Because love cannot be held within us, without that very ‘us’ being first included. And so, our journey with Big…

SELF LOVE NOW excerpt from author; Shelley Sophia Crawford

Self Love is holding your own hand in the early morning hours and sighing to the soft sounds of dawn, being perfectly happy just to be present with your breathing, with your feelings, with your thoughts, with the comfort and discomfort of being alive as your heart rises and falls in your chest.

“Faith (LOVE) is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking.” Gibran

Self Love is knowing that each moment of living is sacred and deserves your full presence and appreciation for…

Sharing on NAKED The Retreat
  1. Cheating’s cheating:
    I spent a huge part of my life not knowing how to communicate my truth transparently. Instead I lied. The truth is when Icheat on another; I only cheat on myself. Cheating is just lying, its fear of speaking the truth. Life flowed more smoothly and appreciatively when I stopped lying.
  2. Stealing isn’t appealing:
    Having started shoplifting when I was 14 and ending up in jail at 18 for theft, I can vouch that a life of crime may seem glamorous but truly isn’t. …

Simon Paul Sutton

I’m an Indescribable unique manifestation of life force, evolutionary, friend, ambassador of love, transparent communicator, sex educator & energy alchemist.

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