10 insights life has shown me

  1. Cheating’s cheating:
    I spent a huge part of my life not knowing how to communicate my truth transparently. Instead I lied. The truth is when Icheat on another; I only cheat on myself. Cheating is just lying, its fear of speaking the truth. Life flowed more smoothly and appreciatively when I stopped lying.
  2. Stealing isn’t appealing:
    Having started shoplifting when I was 14 and ending up in jail at 18 for theft, I can vouch that a life of crime may seem glamorous but truly isn’t. There are many forms of stealing taking place in our society and none of them serve the individual or the collective.
  3. Love my body:
    Life is breath and until I truly loved every breath and my whole body as it is NOW, I could not love another as they are NOW. This was a hard one to accept. How can I have consideration for others when I have no consideration for myself? Self acceptance, forgiveness and love & then the real joy, laughter and peace emerge from within.
  4. Death is life:
    Life and Death are one and I cannot separate them so why try. Until I truly acknowledged death and celebrate it as part of life I was never truly alive. I find most people are in fear of life and terror of death. To love and respect death is to love and respect life and live fully now.
  5. Let go of control:
    Life taught me to let go of needing to control everything and allow life to unfold through me without having to react or judge the experience right, wrong, good or bad. As I let go of needing to control, I accept what is and when I accept what is I go beyond it and that is the miracle. When I let go I receive.
  6. I create the way I respond to reality:
    Many people blame others for the life they lead but when I look closely, I create my reality by the thoughts and feelings I give focus to and the stories I create from my beliefs, and the habits I implement through my repetitive actions, moment to moment. Society influences me for sure and I can choose to follow like sheep or walk my own path. Either way its me who makes that choice, nobody forces me to do anything I don’t choose. Shit will happen and I can choose to react or respond. But my ability to respond (responsibility) is always my choice at the core.
  7. Actions speak louder than words:
    More often than not once we have spoken something we think we have done it. The truth is, talk is cheap if I do not follow through with action. Integrity is when my words and actions are aligned. I notice that we humans are addicted to speaking. I find speaking for the sake of speaking more often than not creates procrastination. To know and not to do, is not yet to know. Less talk, more action and then my voice and intentions are seen and heard clearly.
  8. Every person is a direct mirror:
    I can only grow and learn through relationship with others. Each individual gives me the opportunity to learn and grow and to see myself clearer in the mirror. I attract what I am! I may not always enjoy what I see but as I became aware of this gift of seeing, acceptance emerged and I can witness myself through the other without condemning myself. When I judge another I am just judging myself. When another triggers me, they have given me a gift to see where I need to focus my loving awareness.
  9. There is no right or wrong emotion:
    There are just expressed emotions or suppressed emotions. Suppressed emotions become toxic and expressed emotions enable me to be more creative. I am an energy alchemist, I take responsibility for my energy and how it moves through my being. Life offers experiences and my interpretation and perception to those experiences is always my choice. When it comes to right or wrong in general, who am I to decide what is right for someone else, I can only decide what is a yes or a no for me in any given moment. Many so called wrongs have benefited people and many so called rights have harmed people. I observe and feel that most people’s actions come from a core of wanting to do good and be kind even when they harm other people consciously or unconsciously.
  10. We are miracles:
    Where focus goes, energy flows. Life is temporary and precious. It’s truly a blessing to be part of this indescribable mysterious existence. As I awakened to the beauty within and all around me, life has taken on a very different form. When I saw beyond my social conditioning I witnessed the beauty in every moment. The intelligence within us which is giving us life is miraculous. I exist and appreciate this gift and that is enough. When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

I’m an Indescribable unique manifestation of life force, evolutionary, friend, ambassador of love, transparent communicator, sex educator & energy alchemist.