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Many of you have enjoyed my article Metamorphosis; Something deep in life is changing. That was the transcript from Dar Pans beautiful transmission. Here is another beautiful co-creation and transmission from Temple Step and Darpan. I have been using this Invocation as a regular meditation and the two dance tracks have been a vital contribution to my movement practices.

You have the full transcription below, the audio and link to creators websites if you want to explore further. Some will feel this is far out and too optimistic but I like to remind myself always, that we live in a…

SELF LOVE NOW excerpt from author; Shelley Sophia Crawford

Self Love is holding your own hand in the early morning hours and sighing to the soft sounds of dawn, being perfectly happy just to be present with your breathing, with your feelings, with your thoughts, with the comfort and discomfort of being alive as your heart rises and falls in your chest.

“Faith (LOVE) is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking.” Gibran

Self Love is knowing that each moment of living is sacred and deserves your full presence and appreciation for…

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  1. Cheating’s cheating:
    I spent a huge part of my life not knowing how to communicate my truth transparently. Instead I lied. The truth is when Icheat on another; I only cheat on myself. Cheating is just lying, its fear of speaking the truth. Life flowed more smoothly and appreciatively when I stopped lying.
  2. Stealing isn’t appealing:
    Having started shoplifting when I was 14 and ending up in jail at 18 for theft, I can vouch that a life of crime may seem glamorous but truly isn’t. …

J. Krishnamurti

The book The First and Last Freedom was first published in 1954. In the book there is a questions and answers section and I share it here because I feel the present crisis at that time is still very much the present crisis we are moving through right now in 2021. My intention for sharing this is to invite a deeper inquiry within myself and for you reading. A revolution in thinking is required and this happens within each of us. Nothing on the outside will change until we look within and make the changes on the inside. …

Vlad Hilitanu — Unsplash

“No matter where I’m drawn to go, it always leads to Here. For every effort to seek or run only lands me in the timeless Center that lives under all journeys.

The world has a thousand masks which taken off, one at a time, reveal the faceless face of Spirit that keeps everything alive. How do I know this? I can’t really say. Except that being broken and lifted have peeled off my masks. And those I love, when exhausted or awakened, have put down their stories.

And then, we’re as NAKED as the animals who quiver in the stillness…

plug into our truth before we start playing out the same thoughts and behaviours we did yesterday. Plug into our ideal, true self before doing anything else in the morning!

Our state of being is created from our dominating thoughts and emotions which drive our behaviours, personality traits and actions.

If I don’t use the ‘GOLDEN HOUR’ (First hour I wake up) to plug into my truth and set the foundation for the day ahead, then what, more often than not happens, is I plug into the addictive habitual indoctrinated programs stemmed from my survival emotions. (I become pain body active)

  • Feelings, actions and behaviors driven from these survival emotions are; guilt, shame, unworthiness, assumptions, blame, competitiveness, judgements, self loathing, victimhood, negative self talk, gossiping, drama, resentment, lack, scarcity, limitations…

source —

Gollum is a great example of the Pain Body that lays within us…

The inner wounded child wanting to be seen and heard. The deeper aspect of ourselves that also seeks love. As with Gollum the character in Lord Of The Rings; we can identify with it. At times we can even be fond of this darker part of ourselves. These trapped emotions within our bodies become toxic if not acknowledged with loving compassionate awareness.

E-motions are neither right or wrong good or bad. They are either expressed or suppressed. Suppressed emotions become toxic and cause us to feel depressed…

credit ~ peter-hershey ~ unsplash

What is holding you back? The things you cannot let go of?

Every day is a fresh blank canvas to write upon, a day to be who we truly are, to allow ourselves to just BE, to express what we want to express. What life film do I want to direct, what masterpiece do I want to paint. What do I want to strip away today. Oh how privileged I am.

Whenever I get challenged with past thoughts, past actions which I have judged as wrong, or any other energy which feels stagnant, may it be named guilt, anger, shame…

Today I invite an inquiry into fear: Making fear our friend creates a profound transformation in our lives. Just acknowledging and being aware of the sensations this feelings creates, is all it requires…………………

Fear = False evidence appearing real

“There is an old Cherokee story, that of the white and black wolf, that has become popular in the white world, but is only half told.

In it, the grandfather is talking to his grandson about how inside of each of us lives a white wolf and a black wolf. The white wolf is all that is good about us, and…

Image: Steve Cutts

are you nothing but a heartless shitty machine that makes money?

Free yourself from the shackles of the invisible prison. Nobody can do that for you but you. And in order for it to happen you have to die to all that you thought was what you wanted and needed. You have to die before dying.

Do whatever it takes; its worth it and so are you

Free Yourself Within ❤
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Simon Paul Sutton

I’m an Indescribable unique manifestation of life force, evolutionary, friend, ambassador of love, transparent communicator, sex educator & energy alchemist.

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