Vlad Hilitanu — Unsplash

“No matter where I’m drawn to go, it always leads to Here. For every effort to seek or run only lands me in the timeless Center that lives under all journeys.

The world has a thousand masks which taken off, one at a time, reveal the faceless face of Spirit that keeps everything alive. How do I know this? I can’t really say. Except that being broken and lifted have peeled off my masks. And those I love, when exhausted or awakened, have put down their stories.

And then, we’re as NAKED as the animals who quiver in the stillness between night and day when the softest breeze makes them stare so widely into the Bareness of Everything, just waiting beneath the mask of nothing.”


I loved this poem when I found it in the Sufi journal magazine I was gifted after an event we hosted:
Here is a link I found to the whole magazine

I also recorded this beautiful article called;

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