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Awakening Self-Love for Awakening Humanity

Simon Paul Sutton
3 min readNov 16, 2021


SELF LOVE NOW excerpt from author Charles Eisenstein

Without real Self Love, one is left with conditional self-approval. If I like and approve of myself, conditioned on being successful, being ethical, being vegan or low carbon or liberal, then I am implicitly judging those who (in reality or in my perception) are not these things. I am holding myself superior to them, and I am reinforcing the division that generates so many of the world’s problems.

However, Self Love is not just another thing you are supposed to do right. Can you love yourself through an effort of will? Can you do it by trying harder to do it? Can you love anyone more by trying harder to love them? No.

The love is there already, but it must be awakened or unblocked. This awakening usually happens as a gift, an experience, a revelation; something from the outside.

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Self Love is important for humanity too. First because the violence that we do to ourselves is mirrored in the violence we do to each other and to nature. Secondly, because part of Self Love is to embrace the purpose and gift we are here to enact.

Self-rejection includes the rejection of our unique and sometimes culture-defying gifts and brings us into conformity with the world as it is.

Self Love gives us the confidence to be free of that, and act in the outrageous ways the world needs most right now.

by Charles Eisenstein

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During a ‘sharing circle’ Simon invited a spontaneous question; “Why is Self Love so important today?”. He was profoundly moved by the answers of those in the circle, so much so that over time that movement continued to birth an idea of a book of 54 diversely selected co-creators expressing their individual answers to the same broad and important universal question. Now you have the wisdom of these divine beings all in one place. Notice anyone you know? — Enjoy xxx

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