Choose how you want to think and feel

plug into our truth before we start playing out the same thoughts and behaviours we did yesterday. Plug into our ideal, true self before doing anything else in the morning!

Our state of being is created from our dominating thoughts and emotions which drive our behaviours, personality traits and actions.

If I don’t use the ‘GOLDEN HOUR’ (First hour I wake up) to plug into my truth and set the foundation for the day ahead, then what, more often than not happens, is I plug into the addictive habitual indoctrinated programs stemmed from my survival emotions. (I become pain body active)

  • Feelings, actions and behaviors driven from these survival emotions are; guilt, shame, unworthiness, assumptions, blame, competitiveness, judgements, self loathing, victimhood, negative self talk, gossiping, drama, resentment, lack, scarcity, limitations, cants, shoulds, procrastination, imperfection, personalising, holding on to negative thoughts, separateness, expectations, conditions, time pressure, taking, closure, saying I feel numb, tiredness, lethargy, unaware, unconscious, denial, worry, fear of death, feeling imbalanced, anxiety and ultimately all lead to an underbelly of FEAR. This is an ‘ALTERED’ state of consciousness which our dominating culture have agreed is our natural state of consciousness. (LIE)
  • If we are not plugged into this divine moment with feelings, awareness and behaviors of infinite potential, exuberance, joy, wonder, awe, spontaneous fun, laughter, unknown, mystery, magic, unexpectedness, creative expression, flow, the zone, source energy, curiosity, excitement, kindness, giving, rejuvenated, aliveness, happy, peaceful, fearless, acceptance, forgiveness, surrender, unlimited possibilities, alignment, no time control, no fear of death, no unconscious body addictions, coherence of my heart and brain, conscious awareness, openness, heightened senses, LOVE and the list goes on……

These are our natural state of consciousness which we have agreed is an altered state of consciousness and rarely accessible. Can you see how we have flipped the pancake and may have things all upside down and inside out?

Joy is our natural state of being

When we are plugged into the divine, all the addictions to past emotions cannot be present because the ‘PAINBODY’ cannot stomach joy. When we are living in survival emotions and attached and addicted to our past experiences, beliefs, fantasies, ideas, judgements, expectations etc; its very difficult to drag the body into higher states of consciousness and awareness.

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This is why I personally choose to daily consciously rewire my subconscious indoctrinated conditioned programs.

Our conscious mind is 5% and our subconscious mind 95% — its our subconscious mind running the show and driving creation. So if we do not dive within to uncover these addictions and repetitive behaviours we shall keep playing out the same patterns and cycles over and over again. GROUNDHOG DAY 101…

WE ARE THE CREATORS OF OUR REALITY Can you OWN that truth? Can you take FULL responsibility for YOUR life?

We are alive at phenomenal times of transition, we are dissolving the concepts of death and separation, and many of the beLIEfs that have held us in captivity. We are seeing beyond the stories of limitation, physical realms of separation, competitiveness and lack — we are shifting into the miraculous powerful multidimensional beings we are — we are UNIFYING collectively and its a GIFT to witness — we are transcending with eyes wide open — its both scary and exciting simultaneously — free falling into the unknown ‘abliss’ and beyond the fears of the known.

BOOM 💥 — Lets DO THIS — Lets continue to support one another in this dissolving — in this metamorphosis in action.



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Simon Paul Sutton

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