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How Pleasure Can End All Wars

Simon Paul Sutton


Lets put down our guns, peel off the masks and drop the shields.

PLEASURE ACTIVISTS / ORGASMONAUTS IT’S TIME TO FLY TO URANUS & AWAKEN INTO THE VOID… Let us enter the void of our existence through the black hole and rise into who we truly are!

When we don’t LIVE our full potential as ALIVE DIVINE BEings its because we have given in to the PAIN-BODIES addiction and attachment to suffering thus our lives become a drama of EVIL; (which ironically spells LIVE backwards)

For some of you I know it may feel strange, even unsettling that there is so much confusion, war & dystopia being pumped down our mainstream hypnosis channels and then it can sound crazy, even absurd that I am encouraging Self Pleasure as a solution. That I speak of weaving the heart with the genitals & constantly speaking about transforming masturbation into meditation. Has Simon lost the plot.

But if you really sit with these notions, they make a lot of sense. (to me). If one of the greatest taboos of our time and the one that instills so much shame, guilt and blame into our conditioning through the false beLIEfs of sin. Then if we want to get to the root of the dysfunction, violence, sexual abuse, unconscious violations, dominance, power struggles, hatred, non-consent and all that births from these foundations, then it makes absolute sense to me to go back to the source of creation; our sexual centre. Why is it being covered up? The seed of creation lays within our sexuality. If we bypass this then the war on the sexes will never come into union. We shall just keep getting distracted by all the pointless habits and addictions that take us away from looking within.

All war is tragic expression of our unmet needs. Our needs for love and connection. Safety. Community. Support. Care. Union. At the core they all stem from the idea of separation which is false. Guns, tanks, bullets are just the expression of pain-bodies with pent up sexual energy that needs to explode and ejaculate their creative life force. Without knowing this suppression and repression leads us into conflict and battle with ourselves. Confusion. Desire to be seen, heard, held. Violent communication. Violation of self and other. Thus WAR. Its psychological warfare out of control. Trauma response 101. The wars on the outside are an accumulation of the billions of wars on the inside.

We CAN CHANGE THIS and each of us have the power to do so and we don’t have to go anywhere because we are with ourselves 24 hours a day. The internal work happens right here, right now.

Self love accessed through the path of self pleasure is the gateway to true liberation and freedom from the known. This is where we come back to ourselves and face the pain, feel the pain and heal the pain. This is the definition of ‘transforming from the inside out’. The elixir of life, the holy grail, the access to god consciousness has literally been hidden in our pants and disguised by a vast number of false debilitating beLIEfs.

Union with Mother Earth

So what is the solution to all suffering in the world? Go Touch Yourself thats what. But this is way beyond wa*king in the hope for a quick fix, or a few seconds of spaciousness. This is about igniting the life force generators we are and awakening our ecstatic nature while claiming our power back as sovereign beings.

From this foundation we RISE UP embodied and detached from all that is false and has held us captive in the chains of the past. We cut the invisible umbilical chords that have held us in false beLIEfs of unworthiness, self sabotage, doubt, shame, guilt and the array of dense emotions and thoughts that feed on our aliveness and keep us trapped in invisible prisons of fear.

We say fu*k that. Ye shall not pass. Enough no more. Pleasure is my priority & my birthright. I am LOVE, LOVED and LOVEABLE. I EXIST. I MATTER. No-one, no-thing, no-body, no-time controls me or can dictate to me who or what I BE. I take full responsibility for the nature of my experience, I am an interconnected multidimensional being. I am god in flesh or drag depending on your swag!

Tadaaaa and so it is…





Now get out of my way, it’s time to do what I came here to do.


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