Self Love includes Loving Others

Simon Paul Sutton
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SELF LOVE NOW excerpt from author Chris Agnos

The modern story of the world appears to be one in which people are too preoccupied with Self Love as they attempt to fulfil every one of their desires. A more careful examination reveals that the seemingly greedy actions are really desperate attempts to fulfil unmet needs of connection, intimacy and unconditional love.

To know ourselves, we must step out of the performance mindset that has been ingrained in us since we were too young to remember. We must step outside the conditioning patterns generated by the conditional love we are offered and fully validate ourselves as humble and imperfect beings. Once we do, we won’t need the approval of others to feel good about ourselves.

Self Love means recognizing and being aware of our needs and taking appropriate actions to meet them, which will change depending on each specific situation we encounter.

Self Love is a constant learning process. It means knowing the reasons why we do things and being aware of as many of the impacts of our actions as possible and checking in to make sure that our actions are in fact meeting our conscious needs.

Once we have been down this path, we will begin to understand that Self Love is also about loving others.

For at the end of the day, love is a relationship, and while having a good relationship with yourself is important, it will never be enough to meet all our needs as social beings.

Enlightened self-interest is when we recognize that by loving others, we also are loving ourselves too.

by Chris Agnos

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