Self-Love is to stand naked in our deepest vulnerabilities

SELF LOVE NOW excerpt from author; Shelley Sophia Crawford

Self Love is holding your own hand in the early morning hours and sighing to the soft sounds of dawn, being perfectly happy just to be present with your breathing, with your feelings, with your thoughts, with the comfort and discomfort of being alive as your heart rises and falls in your chest.

“Faith (LOVE) is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking.” Gibran

Self Love is knowing that each moment of living is sacred and deserves your full presence and appreciation for the billions of interconnections that brought you into life and sustain you while you are here.

A few years ago, a friend was giving me a craniosacral session which triggered for me a deep memory of being in my mother’s womb. I became fully aware how the creator and creation are inextricably connected. I was not “separate” from the experience of creating myself, as the cells in my mom’s body danced with the lifeforce that was building my body. I remembered feeling totally safe and happy and full of light, I could feel love behind the forming of every cell of my body. I was filled with a deep tenderness for my being and all of life. I remembered a time where all that was in my experience was love. I believe that Self Love is the Foundation of all Loving… and that it is completely possible to re-establish the pathways to re-membering biological love into our cells.

“We are on our way Home” The Beatles

It’s important that we deeply explore these pathways and support each other in the art of Self Love, at this time in Humanity, because the planet can no longer support a species that is not living in the deeper truths of Love. I feel big transformations are just ahead of us, I believe if we explore what is perpetuating the suffering we see in the world, we will find that it is a confusion and a separation from the integrated experience of knowing Love. This confusion maintains and creates imbalance. It’s up to us to find and remember ways of loving self and other that can build foundations for Evolution of our Consciousness as a species.

Our hearts are ripe for change, if we allow them to show us the way “of Love”.

I think one of the most radically Self Loving things we can do to “LIVE LOVE”, is to be radically honest. To speak to our very real human needs for connection.

In the acknowledging of my deepest yearnings, I have discovered pathways to a deeper Self Love. Self Love is to stand naked in our deepest vulnerabilities even when we are afraid of rejection. Self Love is embracing the Self as we are in this moment. When we can connect emotionally, to these deeper, powerful truths, we discover all there is, is Love.

by Shelley Sophia Crawford

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