Trauma Is The Highway Back To Truth | Simon Transparently with Ilan Stephani

Simon Paul Sutton
3 min readNov 23, 2021


In this beautiful episode Ilan Stephani shares insight on the connection of orgasm and death and how accepting the unknown and standing in the intensity of letting go and surrender is the way via the body into bliss.

We Are Scared By The Topic Of Trauma Because We Are Traumatised. To Learn To Orgasm We Must be Ready To Die.

Ilan Stephani is a Berlin-based bestselling author and researcher about how to shift collective paradigms, un-learn cultural conditioning and gain back our natural orgasmic aliveness. She walks the talk with endless curiosity, humor and ongoing research in the fields of Embodiment | Sexuality | Trauma | Health | Mysticism. Ilan gained nation-wide attention with her bestselling book, Skin and Games — What Sexwork Taught Me About Love. Ilan teaches in both German and English.

Whatever I feel driven to share, comes from the dark nights, the wounding, the trauma. We are born as ecstatic beings and yet spend most of our time in our heads. There is no way to the body. The body is the way.

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